Beirut Express – 9/10

With Big Bascha, my favourite place for a work lunch, closed for Ramadan, I’ve had to try some of the other Lebanese places nearby: luckily Beirut Express, just across the road, is also excellent and worth a visit for their delicious manaqish alone. It has a similar set-up to Big Bascha: order at the counter, … Continue reading Beirut Express – 9/10

Duo Sicilian Ice Cream – 8/10

Duo seems to be one of Berlin’s best-loved ice cream shops (@food_in_berlin is a huge fan), so when I had a Monday off work and found myself wandering around Kreuzberg in the sunshine, I had to try it. Their concept is all about real Sicilian gelato, although they don’t let themselves be too limited by … Continue reading Duo Sicilian Ice Cream – 8/10

Con Tho – 8/10

Con Tho is a vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant opposite Hasenheide, serving neither particularly traditional Vietnamese food nor the standard pho-and-peanut-curry menu of German Vietnamese restaurants, but instead taking Vietnamese dishes and flavours as the jumping-off point for more modern and inventive dishes. It’s also – unlike just about every other restaurant I like – open on … Continue reading Con Tho – 8/10