Azzam – 9/10

In my younger and more innocent days, I said Al Andalos’ falafel sandwich was the best-value meal I’d eaten in Berlin. I don’t want to knock them at all, €2.50 for a very nice falafel sandwich is excellent, but it’s a bit of a joke compared to the absurd amount of food you can get … Continue reading Azzam – 9/10


Zola – 7/10

Zola is probably Berlin’s most famous pizza – people have been telling me to go there ever since I got here, and last night I finally made it. It’s a really nice place and we had a very tasty meal, but I’m not sure it entirely lives up to the hype. Just my highly controversial … Continue reading Zola – 7/10

Habibi Falafel – 6/10

Habibi Falafel is opposite Südstern U-bahn station, so a convenient place to stop for a quick dinner if you’re in the area. My friends and I got food there before attempting to go to a talk on Islamic feminism at a nearby cultural centre, which turned out to already be full by the time we … Continue reading Habibi Falafel – 6/10


Al Andalos – 9/10

Al Andalos’ falafel sandwich is probably the best value meal I’ve eaten since arriving in Berlin. It’s on Sonnenallee, a Turkish/Arabic neighbourhood where about two-thirds of the buildings are döner and falafel shops, but on price, quality and choice Al Andalos really stands out. The basic price for a wrap with one filling is a … Continue reading Al Andalos – 9/10


Paloma Bar – 8/10

Paloma is one of a few bar/clubs hidden in the upper storeys of Skalitzer Strasse, overlooking Kottbusser Tor. It’s open from 11-6 and they have DJs and dancing, but with only €5 entry and a more relaxed vibe than a club, it’s a good option for a more chilled night out. To get there, you … Continue reading Paloma Bar – 8/10


Der Vegetarische Metzger – 9/10

Der Vegetarische Metzger (‘vegetarian butcher’) is a restaurant and ‘concept store’ on Bergmannstrasse. As that description suggests, they’re quite hipstery, but the concept is a winner: they make uncannily realistic vegetarian meat alternatives, sell them on their own out of a fridge in one corner, and serve them up in some seriously delicious vegetarian junk … Continue reading Der Vegetarische Metzger – 9/10


Move #RegardingIran @ ORi – 9/10

Move #RegardingIran is an exhibition of contemporary Iranian art running from the 19th January to the 24th February at ORi, a small gallery, café/bar and events space near Hermannplatz. It’s very small – you can easily go round the whole thing in twenty or thirty minutes – and entry is free. ORi has also hosted … Continue reading Move #RegardingIran @ ORi – 9/10